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Psychological Testing: What to Expect

We take pride in our comprehensive, practical and compassionate approach to psychological testing. We also know that you are placing your trust in us, and we want to clarify what you can expect from a psychological assessment.


Please contact us to schedule an initial meeting to determine if psychological testing is needed.


In completing psychological testing, we promise to...

  1. Provide a psychological testing report that is concise, practical and easy to read
  2. Treat personal information about your family with respect and follow all laws regarding confidentiality
  3. Help you and your child to feel safe and comfortable throughout the psychological testing sessions
  4. Conduct thorough psychological testing that addresses the specific needs of your child
  5. Document your child’s strengths, accomplishments and interests
  6. Carefully review school records and previous evaluations
  7. Have only licensed psychologists with doctoral degrees administer psychological tests
  8. Administer only the most current psychological tests that match your child’s needs
  9. Answer your questions in a thorough, honest and compassionate manner
  10. Document the educational impact of issues on your child's daily life
  11. Help school staff to understand your child's needs
  12. Respect differences including those based on age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion and sexual orientation
  13. Work only within our scope of competence and refer to other providers when appropriate
  14. Collaborate with other professionals who work with your child

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