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Psychological Testing Overview

We specialize in psychological assessments of children, adolescents and young adults. We believe that everyone has areas of strength and accomplishment, and we are dedicated to helping young people overcome obstacles and realize their full potential.


Purposes of Psychological Testing:

  • Highlight areas of strength and talent
  • Assess intelligence, academic skills and learning disabilities
  • Evaluate anxiety, depression and social skills
  • Document issues with attention, memory and processing speed
  • Clarify areas of career interest for adolescents and young adults
  • Document the need for special education services and educational accommodations at school (IEP or 504 plan)
  • Determine if psychotherapy and other interventions are appropriate
  • Help to select a public or private school program
  • Provide guidance in finding professionals to address areas of need

Benefits of Psychological Assessment at TPACS:

  • All of our psychological testing is completed by licensed psychologists with doctoral degrees
  • We spend 12 to 18 hours to complete psychological testing to give us a comprehensive understanding of your child
  • We are financially independent of schools, and we can say what your child really needs without any budgetary pressure
  • Our evaluators do not have conflicts of interest (e.g., not employed by school, not on school boards, etc.)
  • Our licensed psychologists are qualified to give diagnoses including learning disabilities, ADHD, depression, anxiety, Autism spectrum disorder, Aspergers, etc.
  • We do not release reports to schools without prior consent of parents (unless court ordered)
  • We generally have reports ready within one or two weeks of when testing is completed.
  • We have some appointments that are available after school and on Saturdays if needed.
  • We strive to schedule your appointment within 5 business days. (NO 2 or 3 MONTH WAITING LIST)
  • We focus on the whole child at home and school, giving a wide breadth of recommendations
  • Our recommendations are thorough, practical and easily understood.
  • Our psychological testing includes intelligence, academic skills, memory, sustained attention, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • We will recommend what we believe your child needs even if it includes a change in school, medication, tutoring, etc.
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