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Meet the newest members of our Team

Texas Psychological and Consultation Services - TPACS is proud to say that we have has maintained true to our claims of full commitment to the mental health treatment of underserved populations.  Indeed, one of our primary aims has been to provide children and families across Texas with Spanish-language, culturally-competent psychological services.


It is with great satisfaction and excitement that we announce the addition of several key additions to the TPACS  team - many of whom are fluent in Spanish.


Dr. Betty Wicks - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Christelle Garza, Ph.D. - Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellow

Marsha Suliman, M.S., Licensed Psychological Associate


Graciela Arroyo - Clinical Support Team

Sarah Sanchez - Clinical Support Team

Liberty Dougal - Clinical Support Team

Samantha Gonzalez - Administrative Support Team


 COVID-19: A Message to our Clients and Partners

Dear Clients, Partners, and Supporters of TPACS:


I just wanted to give you a quick update on us:

  1. We are thankful…
    1. For our amazing employees that adapted swiftly to a new normal.
      1. A good friend of mine challenged me not to think of the old normal versus the new normal, but rather focus on the right normal.
      2. This challenge is forwarded to all of you. What have you learned that is good and right and should stick?
    2. For great technology and resources that have allowed us to continue serving you without missing a beat.
    3. For the wonderful clients that we consider to be part of our family.
    4. We do what we do to serve others, and we are thankful to have the opportunity to do that right now.
  1. We love a good challenge, and frankly, we are grateful for the meaningful opportunities that will undoubtedly come from this.
    1. We will have opportunities to be a light for others and learn new ways to live out our mission.
    2. We will find new inspiration and develop an understanding of the necessity to be innovative.
    3. We will find ways to take our values to new heights.
    4. “There is no education like adversity.” – Benjamin Disraeli
  1. All the while, we are hurting…
    1. We all know people that are either sick or struggling to make ends meet.
    2. We all know employers that are drowning, have had to lay-off employees, and frankly do not know what to do.
    3. We all know families that are struggling to balance work and homeschooling and not going stir-crazy!
    4. May we remember not to worry about anything; and instead, pray about everything.
    5. One thing I did not expect at first was the propensity of loneliness.
      1. This has been extra challenging for our employees that live alone.
  1. Consider your friends, family, colleagues that live alone and reach out to them this week. Do what you can to lift them up and encourage them.


This experience will undoubtedly change everyone, for better or worse, and with diligence, we can help each other ensure it is for the better. A better outlook, a new meaning behind the word’s legacy, family, and generosity. Our vision is that we will look back on this experience grateful for the things we learned along the way that made us stronger. May we choose to focus on the positive, waking up each day with joy and doing the absolute best we can!


As always, let us know if there is anything, we can do to help you.


My Sincere Regards,


Dr. Kimball

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